Private Safaris

Private Land Rover Safaris can be arranged on a half day (2.5 hours) or full day (5 hours) basis. These are tailored to a date, time and duration that suits your group and can focus on any particular areas of interest.

Maybe you are keen to spot some of the iconic wildlife that live on the estate? Alternatively you may simply want a leisurely tour of the estate with your guide relating stories and explanations of places, people and activity that you pass by. Picnic lunches can also be provided.

Most of Scotland’s more iconic wildlife live in the countryside and wilderness of Atholl Estates. Red deer, golden eagle, salmon, red squirrel, otter, black and red grouse being just a sample. 

Most are quite elusive and factors such as season, habitat and time of day greatly influence your chance of catching a glimpse. 

Your best chance to see these beautiful creatures is with an experienced guide which is why our private land rover tours are hosted by people who live on the estate and have a life time of experience working with the land and the wildlife. 

Each tour is catered to your party’s individual interest and although we cannot guarantee sightings, our guides will work to make your chances as high as possible. 

Either way, each journey will be unique and hopefully will live on in your memory as the high point of your stay on Atholl. 

Walkers wanting to venture further into the estate can also arrange for a Land Rover drop off. For example, walkers wishing to reach the Falls of Tarf can arrange to be dropped off towards the end of Glen Tilt. Please contact the Estate Office with any enquiries.

Booking: To make an enquiry or book your private safari, contact Helen at the Estate Office on 01796 481355 or send an email.

Maximum group size is 6. 

Rates: £200 for a half day or £340 for a full day (picnic available on request £10 per person).

Glen Tilt Drop Off £200

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